Project Gigabit

F20– high level product description for Operators and Funders

Having been involved in the process from day one, we provide a comprehensive suite of advisory services across every element of the Project Gigabit programme. Whether you need to understand the differences between Local Supplier Contracts and Regional Supplier Contracts, you need advice on the interface with voucher schemes or whether you need a full bid put together – we can help.

Procuring Funding/Investment

  • Funding/Investment strategy;
  • Financial modelling;
  • Looking like a convincing borrower; and
  • Beauty parades and funding competitions.

Network Strategy

  • Strategic network design and approach.

Commercial Strategy

  • Advice on area selection, business case, and cost to build.

Technical and regulatory advice

  • Developing and documenting engineering specifications;
  • Contractor instructions;
  • PIA accreditation; and
  • Application(s) for code powers.

Being prepared for build

  • Gap analysis on in-house team – recruitment strategy and team assembly;
  • Sub-contractor approval processes and appointments – to match Project Gigabit requirements; and
  • Supply chain assembly – for example, materials, software etc.

State aid strategy advice and compliance

Preparing for DPS application

  • Corporate structuring advice;
  • Compliance requirements;
  • Investment approvals; and
  • Prepare HLD input data.

DPS Application Process

  • Information gathering;
  • Application completion; and
  • Documenting technical solution(s).

Pre-Bid due diligence

  • Planning;
  • Network design;
  • State aid compliance; and
  • Cost analysis and formation of modelling for funding.

Bid work

  • Prepare bid documents;
  • Win strategy;
  • Negotiation support;
  • Contract risk;
  • High Level Design;
  • Project model;
  • Finance model;
  • Advise on approvals;
  • Development of speed coverage template;
  • Sensitivity analysis; and
  • Wholesale benchmark pricing.


  • Build start-up;
  • Contractor mobilisation;
  • Sub-contractor engagement – flow down of risk and operational requirements;
  • Establish PMO;
  • Knowledge transfer;
  • Establish Client reporting and evidence collation; and
  • Strategic partnership with client and commercial build opportunities.


  • Governance;
  • Data capture;
  • Contract management;
  • Programme Assurance;
  • Strategic Programme reporting;
  • Programme Management;
  • PMO team;
  • Reporting;
  • Strategic partnership with client and commercial build opportunities;
  • Securing expression of interest; and
  • Voucher aggregation.

Programme closure

  • True-Up (Milestone and end of Stage Two) and Clawback;
  • Reporting; and
  • Negotiation of closure agreement.

If you would like to know more about how we work then please contact The Project Advisory Group.

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