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What sort of people do we want to work with? 

We are keen to work with people who: 

  • want to work in a supportive and sharing environment with likeminded people; 
  • do not want to be shackled by the constraints of a 9 to 5 job; 
  • are motivated to meet new clients and generate new business; and 
  • are experienced and expert at what they do – whether that is one or more of commercial, financial, technical, procurement or legal advisory services.

What is it like being a PAG Consultant? 

We provide you with a broad base of essential support and business growth functions: 

  • A community of support, advice and resource – delivering a wider network of contacts and business opportunities – greater client confidence and wins; 
  • Access to the PAG website, Sharepoint and Teams sites; 
  • Business Development support and advice from PAG directors; 
  • Access to the PAG Office 365 package with an email address; 
  • PAG Business Cards;  
  • Website profile page on the PAG website to showcase your consulting credentials; 
  • PAG network support via PAG online forum, peer guidance, shared experience etc.;
  • Client engagement processes, billing and invoicing;
  • Commercial, Financial, Technical, Procurement and Legal – KnowHow support and up to date precedent documentation; 
  • Access to the PAG QMS and GDPR systems;
  • Attendance regular ‘stand up’ calls to share relevant opportunities, wins, learning etc.;
  • Negotiated rates for attendance at events and conferences;
  • Secretarial and marketing support; 
  • PI Insurance – assistance in procuring and access to PAG negotiated rates; and 
  • Invitation to biannual PAG social events. 

If you would like to know more about how we work then please contact The Project Advisory Group.

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